We provide industry leading solutions to for your business, whether your aim is to reduce physical infrastructure or for disaster recovery we have a solution.

With a cloud solution, instead of having physical equipment onsite, the workload is managed by many computers that make up “the cloud”. Resources are allocated and paid for only as required, which means you no longer have to invest capital into expensive servers or pay for their upkeep. 

Cloud services are not just limited to hardware – it can include software you already use everyday, like the Microsoft Office or your accounting software.  With a service such as Microsoft’s Office 365, you can access all your emails, Word and Excel documents all from a web browser.

  • Reduce your IT costs
    • – no need to buy inhouse servers
    • – save on dedicated IT staff
    • – cut down on power consumption
  • Scalable – expand and contract according to your business
  • Business continuity – benefit from state of the art redundancy
  • Collaborate with your staff, wherever they choose to work


Cloud services scale with your business needs – as required.  New resources and services can be commissioned much faster and then withdrawn when they are no longer in use. If you find yourself in a busy period, it is possible to expand computer resources on demand. Then, when things slow down, they can easily be scaled back to save you money.


There is minimal upfront expenditure as there is no requirement to purchase expensive hardware. Preserve your company cashflow – no need to employ a whole IT department when you can benefit from the expertise and redundancy levels on call from specialists at a fraction of the cost.


Increase collaboration – your team can work from anywhere on the same project using services such as Office365 and SharePoint. No need to commute to work to access the same set of resources.


The cloud is highly reliable with many cloud applications and providers guaranteeing 99.99% up-time and offline working capability. Let Computing Australia show you how it is done.

We Connect and Manage Your Infrastructure So You Can Focus on Your Business

With a range of tools to proactively manage your infrastructure, we are uniquely positioned to ensure your business infrastructure runs like clockwork.

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