Voice Services
We provide unified voice services to your business. With the opportunity to scale up and down with the needs of your business we have a solution for New Zealand's Small, Medium & Large Enterprises.

Enterprise grade VoIP Solutions for your business. Large or Small, we have a solution.

We specialise in delivering when you need it. Talk to us today about your requirements,

we have the best equipment in the best places to deliver your Cloud Services.

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From the roaming sales team to the IT manager, the factory floor to reception, we specialise in keeping your business connected. Our voice solution comes with a state of the art IP deskphone, competitive calling rates and a telephony service you can easily manage online. With a range of specialised services including disaster recovery planning and Skype for Business integration, you can pick and choose which features you need.

There is no commitment to a certain number of voice channels either, any voice connected handset will always have a line available.

Whether you are a small business looking to grow, a large business looking to streamline or a multi-site business wanting to operate as a single site, PowerCloud  has a purpose built solution to fit.

No strings attached, use us as much or as little as you need for your business continuity. We are here to help. ANYTIME.


Bring your business out of the Stone Age, save money on calling and add PBX features you never thought where possible.

With a range of tools to proactively manage your infrastructure, we are uniquely positioned to ensure your business infrastructure runs like clockwork.


Chat to one of our technicians, new and existing customers welcome.

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